Reading this article about ethnicity and adoption (via Tim Worstall) I recall the apartheid era in South Africa.

At one point in my career I was under strict instructions to do work hard to end apartheid racist rule in South Africa, since it compelled the iniquitous legalistic but spurious intrusion of ‘race’ into all walks of life. No White family could adopt a Black child, since the child could not live in the White part of town under eg the Group Areas Act. Vile, huh?

Now, two decades later in ‘modern Britain’, what do I find?


Sue Cotton, head of adoption services at the NCH children’s charity, said that allowing a white family to adopt an ethnic minority child was not practical. “When we talk to couples we explain they have to meet all the child’s needs, and ethnicity is one of their needs. They would struggle to meet that, no matter how well-meaning and understanding they are.”

Liberal Fascism running amok.

Ethnicity as a ‘need’?

What is the point of Human Rights legislation if it does not strike down this rubbish with one mighty blow?